Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Illyrian - The Upside Down!

Hallo :)

juhuu, Freitag! Ich freue mich. Zum Start ins Wochenende gibt es heute ein extra sparkly Nail Art!

Lackiert habe ich:

Base Coat von Rival de Loop young
Zwei Schichten essence - grey-t to be here
Zwei Schichten Illyrian - The Upside Down
Stamping mit essence - stamp me! black und Bundle Monster BM-XL16
Top Coat von Aldi

Als Basis habe ich zwei Schichten grey-t to be here von essence lackiert, der schon ziemlich lange darauf gewartet hat (seit 2013? oder 2014?), der sich aber noch hervorragend lackieren ließ. Darüber kamen zwei Schichten The Upside Down, der aus einer klaren Base, mega vielen silbernen Hologlitzerteilchen sowie rötlich schimmerndem Zusatzglitzer besteht - wirklich ein toller Lack! Darüber noch das Stamping, fertig. Mich erinnert diese Kombi irgendwie an Pflastersteine. Mensch, ich wünschste, alle Pflastersteine würden so glitzern! Das wäre toll.. bis es vielleicht einmal soweit ist, begnüge ich mich mit dem Geglitzere auf meinen Nägeln.

Wie gefällt Euch mein Design?

Liebe Grüße,
Eure Nicki


Hi lovelies,

yesss finally it's friday! To start off in the weekend I have an extra sparkly design for you today. As always with glitter polish I started with a security-base-polish, this time it was essence grey-t to be here, a light grey shade with subtle red shimmer. After that I applied two coats of Illyrian Polish The Upside Down. It's a clear base filled with lots of silver holographic glitter and some additional iridescent red glitters. It's a great shade! To finish my mani I also added a stamping using Bundle Monster BM-XL16 and my black stamping polish from essence. Top coat, done! I liked this mani, it kind of reminded me of a paving stone road. I wish all roads would look like this :D

How do you like it?


  1. It's beautiful, like precious stones :)

  2. Ohjaaa glitzernde Pflastersteine! Das wäre ultra cool!

  3. stunning manicure :) I love the stamping pattern :)

  4. Beautiful..Can you tell me which polishes from Zoya and OPI are good for stamping?

    1. Thank you :)
      I don't own many Zoya nail polish, only the ones with holo flakes like Aurora, Dream, Storm, Payton etc. - and I didn't try these for stamping purpose but I don't think they would work very well :/ similar for OPI. The most OPI I own need two-three coats for perfect coverage or are glitter top coats. Maybe Alpine Snow, the white one? But I think there are better and cheaper options than OPI. Is there a special reason you are interestend in exactly these brands for stamping?

  5. I'm so tempted to buy this polish! It's beautiful and I loved watching Stranger Things! :)

    1. You should, my dear, you should. It's such a beuatiful shade and it's extremely sparkly ♥